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Bahamas Restaurant Guide

Island Cuisine For Any Budget

Updated May 2022

The Best Bahamas Restaurants
The Best Bahamas Restaurants

Welcome to the Bahamas

The Bahamas are a favorite Caribbean travel destination for American vacationers, and it’s easy to see why. With plentiful sunshine, beautiful scenery, and over 700 islands to choose from, there is something for everyone in this tropical paradise.

Bahamas Map

Bahamas Map

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Where to Eat

The Top Neighborhoods


This idyllic series of islands is home to around 11,000 residents and is the quintessential Bahamas experience. Popular with ex-pats, fine dining is easy to come by in this beautiful Bahamas region.

  New Providence

Around 70 percent of the island population live in New Providence, so it stands to reason that there is some very diverse culinary culture here as well! In addition, it’s one of the cheaper locations for food and accommodation and well worth a visit during your stay.

 Grand Bahama

If you’re after more of a locals-only vibe, Grand Bahama is the place to be. Look for seafood shacks, secretly hidden beaches, and hole-in-the-wall dining sure to impress even the fussiest eater.

 Great Exuma

The Exumas Islands are some of the most beautiful in the Bahamas and home to some of the best local dining you’ll come across. However, while fine dining and trendy restaurants are available, you’re better off seeking out some local institutions for a taste of genuine Caribbean cuisine.

 Harbor Island

This island is incredibly popular with those looking for outdoor adventures. Golf, sailing, and skydiving are just some of the great activities you can undertake here – sure to work up an appetite.

Budget Options

The Best Bahamas Restaurants: Crabs N Things

Crabs N' Things, New Providence

$-$$ Seafood, Caribbean, Bahamian

Located on the beach in New Providence, this seafood shack is popular with locals and tourists alike for its fresh seafood, friendly staff, and great vibe. Stop by for some coconut crab, conch fritters & snapper, or simply have a refreshing alcoholic “sky juice” to relax after a long day of exploring. A word of warning – the portions here are massive, so be prepared!

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The Best Bahamas Restaurants: Daddy Brown’s Conch Stand

Daddy Brown’s, Grand Bahama

$-$$ Caribbean, Seafood

Also known as Da Conch Man, Daddy Brown’s Conch Stand is one of the best places in Grand Bahama to grab conch-based dishes. You’ll find a mix of locals and tourists lined up on any given day, which should be enough to tell you that this place is legit! While the food isn’t fancy, the flavors are enough to have you coming back for more. Try the fried lobster and conch or sink your teeth into the famous conch salad.

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The Best Bahamas Restaurants: Anchor Bay Fish Fry

Anchor Bay Fish Fry, Eleuthera

$-$$ Caribbean, Seafood, Bar

If you like a side of local music with your meal, the Friday night Anchor Bay Fish Fry is the place for you! Tourists and locals flock down to this Eleuthera institution for the vibrant atmosphere and incredible scenery – as well as the high-quality local food! Stop by for some conch fry, then watch the sun go down as street dancing and singing emerge around you.

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The Best Bahamas Restaurants: Lighthouse Cafe

Lighthouse Cafe, Great Exuma

$-$$ Dessert, Cafe, Caribbean

Located on the beach in Steventon, Lighthouse Café pays homage to its true Caribbean roots with flavorful, satisfying food. This Bahamas eatery is an old-style café with picturesque views of D Beach and the surrounding neighborhoods and is the perfect place to relax after a day of swimming and exploring the island. Order the traditional okra stew or try the Caribbean baked chicken to taste Bahaman cuisine at its finest.

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The Best Bahamas Restaurants: Angela's Starfish

Angela’s Starfish, Harbor Island

$-$$ Caribbean, Seafood, Bahamian

Just 15 minutes walk from the center of town, Angela’s Starfish is a quiet, kitschy backyard eatery that will please even the fussiest eater. Surrounded by roosters and mismatched décor, enjoy giant portions of local classics like conch with peas and rice, or follow your meal with a deliciously sweet piece of Caribbean pineapple cake. Once you’ve finished your meal, settle back for a chat with the friendly staff, and learn all about the history and culture of Harbor Island.

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Midrange Options

The Best Bahamas Restaurants: Athena Café and Bar

Athena Cafe, Nassau

$$-$$$ Greek, Mediterranean, European

Located in downtown Nassau, Athena Café and Bar is one of the most famous Greek eateries in the Bahamas. The café is covered in tasteful white and blue décor and will make you feel like you’ve somehow stepped across the sea into Athens. Settle back with a feta and lamb gyro, shrimp skewers or dolmades, and enjoy the cool sea breeze across your face.

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The Best Bahamas Restaurants: Cappucino’s Fine Italian Restaurant

Cappucino’s Italian, Grand Bahama

$$-$$$ Italian, Vegetarian, Seafood

A traditional Italian restaurant located in the heart of Grand Bahama. Family-owned and operated, Cappucino’s focuses on fresh, quality Italian produce and is the closest thing to eating in Italy without leaving the Bahamas. Try the famously tender filet mignon, or enjoy the delicious pasta Pomodoro and bask in the charming, homely atmosphere of this delightful Mediterranean eatery.

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The Best Bahamas Restaurants: Brigadier’s Restaurant, Andros

Brigadier’s Restaurant, Andros

$$-$$$ Seafood, Bar, Bahamian

Situated next to Dream Villas Resort in Andros, Brigadier’s is famous for its quality international and Caribbean fare and relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy dishes like sizzling crawfish in the modern dining room, or take your food outside to the dock for spectacular views over the ocean.

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The Best Bahamas Restaurants: Santanna’s Bar & Grill

Santanna’s Bar & Grill, Exuma

$$-$$$ Caribbean, Bar, Seafood

Make sure you get to Santanna’s Bar & Grill early, as this seaside eatery always has a line out the “door”! Hungry patrons have choices of traditional and local grilled meats, seafood, and Caribbean-style sides sure to fill a rumbling stomach. The menu’s standout is the crawfish mac and cheese, which is unlike anything found elsewhere in Exuma.

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The Best Bahamas Restaurants: Meze Grill

Meze Grill, Nassau

$$-$$$ Mediterranean, Grill, Contemporary

With a beautifully diverse menu and excellent staff this is a must visit while in the Bahamas. Steak, sushi, pasta and more, everyone will be satisfied and happy. You can order take away or eat in, both options are fresh and delightful. Once you try it, you’ll be sure to return.

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High-End Options

The Best Bahamas Restaurants: The Dunmore Restaurant (Harbor Island)

Dunmore Restaurant, Harbor Island

$$$-$$$$ Mediterranean, Modern, Caribbean

Chic, beachside dining with a twist. The Dunmore Restaurant is a relaxed, casual eatery with a 60s vibe and accompanying music that showcases the Bahamas of years past. Serving up modern Caribbean fine dining with a Mediterranean twist, this restaurant is the jewel in the crown of The Dunmore Resort and draws hundreds of hungry tourists through the doors every year. Order local dishes like the stone crab tostada or Caribbean poke bowl, which feature some of the freshest Bahaman produce around.

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The Best Bahamas Restaurants: Café Matisse

Cafe Matisse, Nassau

$$$-$$$$ Italian, Seafood, Vegetarian

You won’t get any closer to dinner in Florence than you will at this New Providence restaurant. Stucco arches, creeping vines, and recreations of Italian artists bring the Mediterranean atmosphere to life, and the food will transport you to Italy with a single bite. From succulent gamberi prawns to the famous Frutti di mare pizza, there is no compromise on quality at Café Matisse.

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The Best Bahamas Restaurants: The Beacon At Kahari Resort

The Beacon, Exuma Island

$$$-$$$$ American, Seafood, Caribbean

If Kahari Resort is known for its upscale, sophisticated atmosphere, The Beacon carries on the vibe of its parent venue without sacrificing personality. Overlooking Turtle Lagoon on Exuma Island, this restaurant is known for its fresh, creative dishes showcasing local ingredients. While items like the soft-shell crab and spiced tiger prawns don’t come cheap, the views and the quality of the dishes are definitely worth the price.

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The Best Bahamas Restaurants: Flying Fish Gastro Bar

Flying Fish Gastro Bar, Grand Bahama

$$-$$$$ Seafood, Thai, Gastropub

For lively music, quality food, and unbelievable ocean views, look no further than Flying Fish Gastro Pub. With an ever-changing seasonal menu and specials showcasing produce caught that day, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular restaurants on the island. Chef Tim Tibbits effortlessly pairs spicy curry seafood wontons with grilled calamari and truffle tarts for a gastronomical experience not soon to be forgotten.

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The Best Bahamas Restaurants: Dune

Dune, Paradise Island

$$$-$$$$ Caribbean, French-Asian Fusion, American

For an award-winning meal overlooking the turquoise waters of Paradise Bay, make your way to Dune. The British Colonial architecture is a stark contrast with the innovative French-Asian fusion served by Chef Jean-Georges, and every inch of the venue screams luxury. The maitake mushroom and egg pizza is one of the most unique dishes on the menu and goes hand-in-hand with fresh salads and raw options like yellowfin tuna tartare. For a more relaxed experience, enjoy unique cocktails and vintage wines at the beachfront bar.

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