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St. Barts Restaurant Guide

Island Cuisine For Any Budget

Updated May 2022

The Best St. Barts Restaurants
The Best St. Barts Restaurants

Welcome to St. Barts

Located in the Caribbean Sea, St. Barthelemy, or St. Bart’s, is a go-to destination for luxury holidaymakers looking to blow off steam. White sand beaches and crystal clear waters make the island an ideal getaway spot. The cuisine choices are expansive with something delicious for everyone. Here are some of the best St. Barts restaurants for you to try!

St. Barts Map

St. Barts Map


Where to Eat

The Top Neighborhoods


The go-to location in St. Barts, Gustavia, is the place to be for hospitality. You’ll find everything from family-friendly local restaurants to fine dining experiences here.

Anise de Lorient

Much quieter than its neighbor, Anise de Lorient is a primarily residential area – with a few hidden gems. Check out tiny patisseries and boulangeries, or simply relax with a delicious coffee overlooking the glittering waters and white sand beaches.


Ocean beauty is always the flavor of the day in Saline, with travelers flocking here in droves to experience some of the best diving and snorkeling in St. Bart’s. Immerse yourself in the crystal waters before heading up the beach to some of the finest luxury dining on the island.


The Best St. Barts Restaurants: La Cantina, Gustavia

La Cantina, Gustavia

$-$$, Tapas, Casual

Located in Port Gustavia, La Cantina has been creating some of the best tapas and casual dining in St. Barts for the past two decades! The rich scent of spices fills the streets, and it’s common to see a line of hungry patrons stemming from the entrance way. So grab a glass of one of the delicious Spanish riojas on offer, and spend an afternoon nibbling your way through the menu.

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The Best St. Barts Restaurants: Le Select, Gustavia, St. Barts

Le Select, Gustavia

$-$$, Burgers, Casual

Opened in 1949, Le Select is a no-frills eatery aiming to provide one thing – excellent food. The beloved burger joint is a mix of family-friendly saloon and wild reveler’s paradise. It has also been rumored to be the inspiration for Jimmy Buffet’s hit song ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise.’ Sip the classic Ti punch in the garden, or sink your teeth into one of the classic beef burgers for a taste of home.

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The Best St. Barts Restaurants: So Cuisine, Gustavia

So Cuisine, Gustavia

$-$$, Vietnamese, Casual, Raw

After starting off as a takeaway operation, So Cuisine opened its café doors in 2018 and hasn’t looked back! Combining Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines, the food is fresh and delicious, and a perfect pick-me-up after a long day of exploring in the St. Bart’s sun. Enjoy a mango and lime salad with fresh cabbage, or trial one of the living juices for a quick afternoon sugar boost.

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The Best St. Barts Restaurants: JoJo Burger, Anise de Lorient

JoJo Burger, Anise de Lorient

$-$$, Deli Food, Casual

There’s nothing like a burger to satisfy hunger, and no one does burgers quite like JoJo Burger. Step inside this quirky eatery and watch monstrous sandwiches fly past as speedy wait staff carry them to their destination. The menu is fairly basic, but what JoJo’s lacks in quantity they make up for in quality. Treat yourself to a double cheeseburger with fries and onion rings – just don’t expect to be hungry for a day or so!

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The Best St. Barts Restaurants: Le Petite Colombe, Gustavia

La Petite Colombe, Gustavia

$-$$, Boulangerie, Bakery

No one does pastries like the French, and La Petite Colombe is a purveyor of the finest flaky treats in St. Barts. The décor and layout will have you feeling as though you’ve stepped into a Parisian patisserie, and one bite won’t convince you otherwise. While the seating inside La Petite Colombe is extremely limited, takeaway is a great option for an on-the-go meal sure to stave off hunger rumblings. You can’t go past a classic croissant or pain au chocolat – why not grab both?

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Mid Range

The Best St. Barts Restaurants: Fish Corner Food And Markget, Gustavia

Fish Corner Food, Gustavia

$$-$$$, Seafood

Well hidden behind shops and large restaurants, Fish Corner Food and Market is the kind of local secret served for those in the know. The freshest seafood, paired with delicious wine and knowledgeable wait staff, make this eatery one to track down during your visit. While the menu features classic local produce like chili mussels and freshly grilled halibut, it’s always worth having a look at the chef’s daily suggestions for something uniquely tasty.

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The Best St. Barts Restaurants: Craperie St. Barth, Gustavia

Creperie St. Barth, Gustavia

$$-$$$, Breakfast, Casual

Food and coffee is the name of the game at this cute, modern St. Bart’s café. From delicious croque monsieur to the salad niçoise, French cuisine meets cozy atmosphere to create the perfect meeting place for friends, couples and everyone in between. The limited menu features deli classics inspired by Parisian cooking, and is perfectly paired with the Arabican-roasted coffee served hot by the talented baristas.

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The Best St. Barts Restaurants: On The Rocks, Gustavia

On The Rocks, Gustavia

$$-$$$, Seafood, Fine Dining

Attached to the beautiful Eden Rocks Resort, On The Rocks offers patrons a taste of the finer things in life – including a magnificent view of the ocean! Presided over by head chef Jean-Georges, this luxurious dining room brings modern and traditional together in a fabulous clash of color and flavor. Dine on the freshest seafood in St. Barts whilst gazing over the azure waters, or simply relax with a Coconut White Russian at the bar inside.

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The Best St. Barts Restaurants: Eddy's Ghetto, Gustavia

Eddy’s Ghetto, Gustavia

$$-$$$, French, Creole

If there is one restaurant on this list not to be missed, it has to be Eddy’s Ghetto. Nestled in amongst the hustle and bustle of downtown Gustavia, this St. Bart’s institution marries rich Creole cooking with modern flavor, and is a favorite with locals and tourists alike. The menu draws inspiration from all around the world, and specials like tikka-crusted lamb and Peking duck noodle soup are constantly rotating through the offerings.

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The Best St. Barts Restaurants: L'Entracte, Gustavia

L’Entracte, Gustavia

$$-$$$, Brasserie, Pizza

While many venues in St. Bart’s have an edge of glitz and glam, L’Entracte balances the luxurious and accessible perfectly. This brasserie-style restaurant offers everything from tender filet mignon and cordon bleu to takeaway pizzas, and proves that luxury doesn’t have to be out of reach.

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High End

The Best St. Barts Restaurants: L'Isola, Gustavia

L’Isola, Gustavia

$$$-$$$$, Italian, Fine Dining, Seafood

Known as ‘Italy in the Caribbean’, L’Isola is a historic venue with soaring arches, delicate candlelight, and an atmosphere designed to enthrall and amaze. The beautiful setting is only topped by the food, which takes local produce and seafood and turns them into something magnificent. With a dedicated caviar menu and over 200 international wines on offer, sophistication and ambiance are two things that L’Isola has in excess. Classic dishes like the carpaccio di manzo may not come cheap, but one bite will tell you that they’re worth every penny.

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The Best St. Barts Restaurants: La Tamarine - Saline

L’Esprit Jean Claude Dufour, Saline

$$$-$$$$, French, Fine Dining

Sitting just off the beach in Saline is one of St. Bart’s best kept secrets, and one of the most luxurious dining experiences around. Headed by Chef Jean-Claude Dufour, L’Esprit Jean Claude Dufour combines the best of French cuisine with tropical surroundings to create a truly unforgettable evening. Ingredients from around the world come together in uniquely satisfying dishes, and the ever-changing menu means that the freshest produce is always on offer.

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The Best St. Barts Restaurants: La Tamarin, Saline

La Tamarin, Saline

$$$-$$$$, French, Caribbean, Fine Dining

For creative food in a jaw-dropping setting, look no further than La Tamarin. Combining the best of tropical and French cuisine, this Saline restaurant breathes new life into classic Caribbean dishes without sacrificing the integrity and history behind them. Set in a delightful palm garden, visitors can enjoy the cool sea breeze as they sip on classic cocktails, or dive into coq au vin and fresh mango salads.

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The Best St. Barts Restaurants: La Gaiac - Gustavia

Le Gaiac, Gustavia

$$$-$$$$, Gourmet, French, Caribbean

Set on a massive 17-hectare property overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Le Gaiac’s views are as incredible as its food. Perfect for romantic meals, this intimate restaurant delivers plenty of seaside charm that is the perfect side dish to the gourmet menu. Led by Chef JaradMcCarrol, the kitchen team and front-of-house staff work together effortlessly to provide what can only be described as a truly memorable dining experience. Bask in the relaxed atmosphere as you peruse a unique seasonal menu that offers local produce and seafood in ways you’ve never seen before.

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The Best St. Barts Restaurants: Le Bartolomeo, Gustavia

Le Bartolomeo, Gustavia

$$$-$$$$, Bistro, Seafood, Vegetarian-friendly

Another great hidden secret of Gustavia, Bartolomeo gives new meaning to the phrase ‘bistronomic cuisine’. Nestled amongst thick palm trees, this attachment to the Hotel du Guanahani showcases St. Bart’s best ingredients in a fiery amalgamation of Mediterranean spices and Caribbean cooking techniques. The open-air dining area allows guests to eat under the stars, with chili-rubbed seabass and rich French cognacs pairing perfectly in the warm West Indies weather.

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