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Jamaica Restaurant Guide

Island Cuisine For Any Budget

Updated May 2022

The Best Jamaica Restaurants
The Best Jamaica Restaurants

Welcome to Jamaica!

Known for its relaxed vibes and vibrant music scene, Jamaica is one of the best choices for those looking for a laid-back getaway. From bbq street stalls to beachside dining, there is something for everyone on this island haven.

Jamaica Map

Jamaica Map


Where to Eat

The Top Neighborhoods


The heart and soul of Jamaica, this bustling city is a hive of activity sure to keep anyone busy. You’ll find a range of unique dining experiences from street food bazaars to high-end eateries during your time here.

Montego Bay

The fourth-largest urban area in Jamaica, Montego Bay lends itself to everything from chill oceanside bars to jerk chicken shacks lined with customers. Enjoy the rhythm of the city and sink your teeth into traditional cuisine meant to feed the soul.


Known for its white-sand beaches lined with bars, Negril is a thriving hot spot of nightlife and gorgeous outdoor activities. Many of the all-inclusive resorts in this area are attached to luxurious fine-dining restaurants, which are the perfect way to add a little class to your trip.

Port Antonio

Located on Jamaica’s northwest coast, Port Antonio is the perfect combination of jungle paradise and idyllic seaside luxury. This ocean city is home to some of the best authentic jerk chicken in the country – the unmissable culinary experience.

Ocho Rios

If you want some high-end luxury, Ocho Rios is the place to be! Once a humble fishing village, this city is now of the top ports of call for cruise liners and hosts many luxe spas and resorts for tired tourists to relax. For those more into adventure, there are plenty of opportunities for skiing, tubing, and hiking to be had – just make sure to grab a drink afterward!

Budget Options

The Best Jamaica Restaurants: Scotchies (Kingston)

Scotchies, Kingston

$-$$ Casual, Caribbean

If you’re after a relaxed, no-frills restaurant, you can’t go past Scotchies! This franchise has three locations throughout Jamaica and is known for its authentic Jamaican jerk chicken and pork dishes. Along with deliciously flavorsome food and a great atmosphere, the prices are incredibly reasonable. So sink your teeth into the famous jerk chicken as the sun goes down and the reggae music starts.

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The Best Jamaica Restaurants: Kool Vybes Jerk Centre, Negril

Kool Vybes Jerk Centre, Negril

$-$$ Casual, Barbecue, Caribbean

Opened in 2016, Kool Vybes Bar and Jerk Centre is the quintessential Jamaican jerk experience. Focusing on fresh, tasty Jamaican fare, this family-owned eatery has a warm and friendly atmosphere guaranteed to make any traveler feel at home. The extensive island menu pays homage to Kool Vybes’ Jamaican roots, with classics such as steamed fish and rice and peas which are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. Order the goat curry as you bask in the ambiance of this Negril institution – trust us, you’ll definitely come back for more!

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The Best Jamaica Restaurants: Belinda’s, Port Antonio

Belinda’s, Port Antonio

$-$$ Caribbean, Jamaican, Casual

For a true taste of Jamaican cuisine, Belinda’s is the only stop you’ll need! Located along the Rio Grande, the only thing more appealing than the wholesome atmosphere of Belinda’s riverside eatery is the incredible scent wafting out from her hundreds of Dutch ovens. The presentation is straightforward here, potentially not to detract from the deliciousness of signature dishes like the decadent Coconut Crawfish Rundown and rich River Bouillabaisse.

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The Best Jamaica Restaurants: Rasta Ade Refreshments, Negril

Rasta Ade Refreshments, Negril

$-$$ Vegan, Vegetarian, Casual

Jamaican food isn’t just about jerk chicken, and Rasta Ade Refreshments is here to prove it. This beachside hut serves incredible vegetarian food alongside a world-class view. Take a walk along the beautiful Negril Beach, then order the Rasta Pasta as a pick-me-up during the afternoon. For those who want something more health-driven, the Jamaican garden salad makes a perfect light meal that will make your tastebuds dance.

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The Best Jamaica Restaurants: Just Natural (Negril)

Just Natural, Negril

$-$$ Caribbean, Western, Healthy

Located on the picturesque West End Road in Negril, Just Natural is a dream eatery for anyone who avoids meat! This family-friendly restaurant features a lush tropical garden, with soft jazz played throughout as you enjoy the delicious fresh fare that focuses on local produce. Standouts on the menu include the conch salad and tuna melt, both fantastic when washed down with a local Red Stripe beer.

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Midrange Options

The Best Jamaica Restaurants: Bush Bar, Port Antonio

Bush Bar, Port Antonio

$$-$$$ International, Jamaican

Attached to the iconic Geejam Hotel, Bush Bar is a Port Antonio institution with a healthy dose of spice. Executive Chef Ainsley pays homage to his roots with traditional Jamaican dishes designed to delight the tastebuds and soothe the soul. One bite of the warm bread pudding, and you’ll forget how life was before – spend the rest of the afternoon in the fantastic infinity pool and listen to carefully cultivated tunes spun by the in-house DJ.

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The Best Jamaica Restaurants: Sweet Spice, Montego Bay

Sweet Spice, Montego Bay

$$-$$$ Casual, Vegetarian, Jamaican

Walk into this colorful eatery, and you’ll soon see just why lines of locals often curl out the door! Sweet Spice doesn’t skimp on flavor, so expect their meals to pack a punch. While the menu features Jamaican classics like conch and crawfish, specialties like the oxtail are unlike anything else found in Montego Bay – definitely worth a try!

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The Best Jamaica Restaurants: Tamarind Indian Cuisine, Kingston

Tamarind Indian Cuisine, Kingston

$$-$$$ Indian, Thai, Chinese

While the name may confuse, Tamarind Indian Cuisine is more of an Asian-fusion restaurant than a specialized eatery. This modern Kingston restaurant boasts an extensive menu with anything hungry patrons could dream of eating. While the service is a little slower, the relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff more than make up for it. Try the curry shrimp with garlic naan, then wash it all down with a chilled mango lassi.

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The Best Jamaica Restaurants: Miss T’s Kitchen, Ocho Rios

Miss T’s Kitchen, Ocho Rios

$$-$$$ Jamaican, Caribbean

Miss T’s Kitchen is a festival of all things Jamaican, with music, culture, and cuisine coming together to create the ultimate dining experience! Outdoor-meets-indoor in this stilt-propped venue and diners have a myriad of choices to fill grumbling stomachs. Head Chef Anna-Kay Tomlinson prides her menu on being genuine, down-to-earth Caribbean cooking – and she’s not wrong! So sit amongst the red fairy lights with a piping hot serve of Miss T’s Famous Oxtail Stew, then relax as the famous Jamaican breeze cools you down.

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The Best Jamaica Restaurants: The House Boat, Montego Bay

The House Boat, Montego Bay

$$-$$$ European, Seafood, Fine Dining

Sitting in the beautiful Montego Bay, The House Boat offers diners a one-of-a-kind culinary experience found nowhere else on the island. Enjoy luxurious cuisine in the upper dining room, or a more casual experience down by the waterfront. Head Chef Rich Nurse maintains a consistently evolving menu that reflects the seasonal produce and daily catch of local fishermen. Eat some of the freshest seafood dishes like lemon pepper shrimp as you watch the fast-darting aquatic life native to the bay.

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High-End Options

The Best Jamaica Restaurants: Sugar Mill, Montego Bay

Sugar Mill, Montego Bay

$$$-$$$$ Fine Dining, Western, Caribbean

While the Half Moon Resort is known for class and luxury, its attached restaurant, the Sugar Mill brings a twist to fine dining. Meals at this Montego Bay eatery celebrate local flavor with a Western attitude, and the staff are as eager to discuss their favorites as you are to try them! Give the famous breadfruit gnocchi with shrimp and coconut rundown a go, as you bask in the ambiance of the magnificent twilight palm trees surrounding the venue.

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The Best Jamaica Restaurants: L’Escargot Restaurant, St Ann

L’Escargot Restaurant, St Ann

$$$-$$$$ French, European

If you’d like to step away from Jamaican spices for a night, L’Escargot delivers the finest French-style dining in Jamaica. This elegant, picturesque little bistro will transport your tastebuds to the streets of Paris amongst twinkling lights and fine wines. While the menu focuses on traditional French offerings like onion soup, escargot, and coq au vin, some of the more modern options like grilled blue shell crab are sure to impress.

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The Best Jamaica Restaurants: The Pelican Grill, Montego Bay

The Pelican Grill, Montego Bay

$$-$$$$ Jamaican, Caribbean

Located on the Hip-Strip of Montego Bay, The Pelican Grill is an authentic Jamaican institution dedicated to serving the freshest home-cooked meals to hungry patrons. Operating for over 50 years, the venue has mind-blowing views over the sea and the inner city, and often has a queue of locals out the door by mid-morning! Get in early for a serving of the classic curried shrimp and rice, or braised oxtail (pictured) then sip a cocktail as you survey the glittering ocean bay.

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The Best Jamaica Restaurants: Toscanini (Ocho Rios)

Toscanini, Ocho Rios

$$$-$$$$ Fine Dining, Italian, Jamaican

Travelers looking for an unforgettable fine-dining experience cannot go past Toscanini. This gorgeous restaurant delivers Italian-style food with a spicy Caribbean twist, sure to keep customers coming back for more. Due to the popularity, it’s recommended to book in advance – once inside, you can choose from a lush traditional dining room or a breezy outdoor setting to enjoy some of Ocho Rios’ freshest seafood.

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The Best Jamaica Restaurants: Rockhouse, Negril

Rockhouse, Negril

$$-$$$$ Fine Dining, Seafood, Jamaican

Known as Negril’s premier fine-dining establishment, Rockhouse arguably offers the best view for diners in Negril. Situated in Pristine Cove, the restaurant was designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding tropical environment and make patrons feel part of the surrounding jungle. So, while you will be paying a premium for succulent dishes of crawfish, blue-fin tuna, and the ever-present jerk-rubbed chicken, the views are absolutely worth the cost!

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